Here is how the races will work for the rest of the year
 We will have an Open start time. Example,  from 6:30am to 8:30am.  Runners will show up to the event and volunteers will direct them where to park. Runners will be directed to the chute. Once they get to the chute, they will be asked covid-19 questions, and get their temperature checked. If they pass, they continue on to the starting line and go for their run. If they don't pass, they will not be able to run. We like this option the best, because it's a staggered start time allowing for no crowding at the starting line.  Once the race starts we have course Marshalls riding around making sure that the runners are not running in groups. We will make runners aware of this and if we find any groups of runners we will Disqualify them and ask them to leave the course.

We will have packet  pickup for 2 days prior to the event. All runners would have to pick up their packets then. This will allow for no packet pick up the morning of the race eliminating any crowds. If a runner can't pick up their packet on the 2 schedule days prior to the event the packet will be mailed to them.

we would eliminate runners from signing up the morning of the race. Runners would have to register online prior to the race. By eliminating this table we would be eliminating a group of people waiting to register.

Once you come back from your run, you will enter another chute to the finish line, where you will be directed to the medal and food table. You can either take your medal or we will give you one

There will be no ceremony after the event, everyone will get a medal and results will be posted online after the event. Trophies for the male and female winners will be mailed after the event

We will have a table at the temperature check with gloves and hand sanitizer for whomever needs it

We will have water stops, however some of them will have the cups filled, you just need to grab it yourself. Some will be manned.

You must wear your mask to the starting line. after you start, you are free to take it off. If possible, wear it under your chin and if you pass other runners, just put it on until you pass them

After the event, you must put your mask on and social distance if you are waiting for another runner

If you are waiting for another runner, it must be done away from the finish line. USA Track & Field will not allow for finished runners to wait at the finish line

If one of the races gets cancelled after August 9, 2020, you will receive a full refund

ONLY IF IT GETS CANCELLED. IF IT GETS POSTPONED YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND.  Check the states guidelines prior to signing up. If the guildelines change prior to the race, you will not receive a refund, you will receive a credit into another event, or into the following year's event

All races will be capped at 250

Next up is Chilly Willy on 1-1-2021 at Pierce Field in East Providence , RI. Race is an open start time from 9am-10:30 course will close at 1pm, so plan accordingly. Packet pick up time are: December 29 & 30 from 4pm -6pm at the Seekonk YMCA in Seekonk, MA, 7 minutes from Providence. There is no race day packet pick up. There will be race day registration at the race site from 8:30am -10am


Date:  September 12, 2021
Start time: 8am
Location: Pierce Field , East Providence,

Angry Unicorn half marathon/5k
DATE: November 22,2020
LOCATION: QUONSET Point , North Kingstown ,RI
Chilly Willy  Half marathon / 10k / 5k

Date: January 1, 2021
Start time: open start time-9am-10:30am
Location: Pierce Field, East Providence, RI


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